Rare Dune art from Omni reveals Frank Herbert's original vision

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One of the many reasons we're excited for the return of Omni magazine is access to their vaults. Just recently, the new owners of the magazine republished this iconic Dune art from a collection of rare work by John Schoenherr. Not only are these illustrations stunning, but Frank Herbert praised their accuracy.

These are taken from Omni Reboot and there are a lot more over at the website. But here are a few of our favorites. Behold the beautiful world of Arrakis, as seen by Schoenherr. These paintings would wind up heavily influencing Frank Herbert’s plans for the sandy world.


Reportedly these images were commissioned for the 1978 Dune calendar and wound up in the book The Illustrated Dune. These forgotten illustrations and paintings were given to Omni to print in their July 1980 issue (along with 2 that were never printed in the book).


More paintings over at Omni Reboot.

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