Broadcasting your mortifying taste in music with absolutely every human you know has always been an opt-in/opt-out choice for Spotify users—eve with the music streaming service's required Facebook account-linking.

But Rdio loyalists haven't been so lucky. Not until now, at least.

Today, a post on Rdio's company blog announced the first of a series of new privacy features, this one allowing Rdio users the privilege of privacy:

Rdio is all about discovering new music and sharing it with your social network. But it can also be about putting your guilty pleasures on repeat. That's why today we're rolling out the first tool of our new privacy features.

What does it mean to have a Protected Account? You have the power to peruse and approve new followers before they can get a glimpse of your collection, playlists, activity, and full profile. Unapproved users will simply see a lock icon next to the username and a Request to Follow button when they view a Protected Account.

Take a peek at your privacy controls by clicking the Advanced tab in your Settings. Your profile is public by default so that other users can join in on your new music finds, but hit Set Account to Protected to change this.

Now you can play all the Top 40s you want without prying eyes and ears.

[Rdio via TheVerge]


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