Rdio's New Redesign Available on All Desktop Apps Now

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Rdio's totally redesigned browser and desktop app interface made what was already basically the best-organized streaming service even cleaner. Ostensibly, it puts albums artists and songs first. But really, it's putting you and your experience at the top of its priorities list. Now it's available to everyone.

The interface looks sort of like a cross between iTunes and Facebook's Social Graph—in a good way. Playlists and other organizing categories are on the left-hand side, and your friends and their activities are on the right. You can drag whole albums into playlists or messages to friends just by dragging the album artwork, and the album pages themselves remember where you were, so, theoretically, navigation should be easier.


All of it seems really intuitive, and refreshing next to Spotify's strict regiment of playlists, playlists, and more playlists. It should be available now on browsers for Windows and Mac, and on the Windows and Mac desktop clients. [Rdio via TNW]