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Reactiv Cyclist Protection Jacket Is Safe, Looks Cool(ish)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In London, cyclists are treated as second class citizens, a fact that inventor Michael Chen intends to remedy. For the whole of the cycling species, he has developed a terrific concept; the Reactiv Cycling Jacket, with integrated indicators and deceleration/acceleration warning lights. Hit the jump to see a video of it in action.

The jacket has three main light output sources; one on either arm acting as indicators and one large light on the back that is controlled by means of an accelerometer. Where accelerating the light on the back turns green, when decelerating the light turns red. The indicators are controlled by a tilt switching mechanism; simply raising the arm in the direction intended to turn activates the respective indicator. The jacket is expected to retail at £100 and the product is planned for release towards the end of the year. A slight delay maybe caused by the fact that a manufacturer is yet to be found.


Mr. Chen, (no relation to Gizmodo), was inspired when he visited Korea and observed their cycling safety precautions were kick-ass compared to London's gauntlet of death. I could have told him that and I have never been to Korea - what is not better in Korea? 4G phones and super safe cycling, oh the good-life. [Daily Mail].