Read All About Doctor Who's Off-Hours In New Comic

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Wondering what the Doctor does between the current Doctor Who specials? Apparently, there are "hundreds of years" of stories between them, and the upcoming monthly comic book will let us see what we've missed.


Tony Lee, the writer of the ongoing series - as well as last year's generation-spanning The Forgotten mini-series - talked to Comic Book Resources about what we could expect... and when it takes place:

[W]e've got these three or four TV specials that are being done and each one of specials are, effectively, the Doctor and a new "companion." So for example in the next one you've got Michelle Ryan, who was the Bionic Woman, but in the following one it's another actress that's rumored to be in it. So we've got this opportunity where we can effectually go this entire run of stories set between two of the specials. You don't know what he's done between these things, and I believe only the final two specials are interconnected, so we'll most likely be set directly before those. He could have done hundreds of years of traveling and came back during that time. So if that's the case, we can create new characters that can get involved with him, even travel with him. We can build up an entire storyline and the fans won't know what's going to happen. Fans will be able to look at it as a cliffhanger and they won't know if the character in danger will even be alive in the next episode. Will they love, will they leave, will they die, will they become evil or will they become bad? All of these things can possibly happen. And what is it that happens that makes the Doctor go off on his own once more before he regenerates at the end of the specials?

And that's only the first eighteen issues; after that, the eleventh Doctor takes over and the series syncs up with the television show, complete with Matt Smith and new companion (whomever she may be). Until then, it's all Charlie Chaplin, the Shadow Proclamation and, according to Lee, a mysterious big bad who's from a race that we've seen before. The plot starts thickening when the first issue is released this July.

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I would totally *squee* if at least one of those issues featured Dr. River Song.

And I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole "hundreds of years will have passed" between specials. Time travel makes my head hurt.