Read the Surprisingly Mushy Love Texts Alabama's Disgraced Governor Sent a Former Staffer

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Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, 74, is expected to resign this week following the release of a 3,000-page impeachment probe report that includes a series of truly cringe-worthy love messages the governor sent Rebekah Caldwell Mason, his former senior political advisor. In 2015, Bentley’s wife left him and filed for divorce after 50 years of marriage amid rumors of the affair.

Bentley may now face four felony charges related to alleged ethics violations uncovered during the scandal. From The New York Times:

Mr. Bentley, a Republican in his second term, is confronting a crush of allegations after his March 2016 acknowledgment of improper communications with his senior political adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. In a report released on Friday, a special counsel to the Judiciary Committee in the Alabama House of Representatives said Mr. Bentley had “encouraged an atmosphere of intimidation” and demanded that state officials help him cover up an “inappropriate relationship.”

Mr. Bentley, 74, who has said he did not break the law, tried to block Monday’s hearing, and won a reprieve in a Montgomery County court. But the Alabama Supreme Court ruled on Saturday that, at least for now, the proceedings could begin, clearing the way for the special counsel, Jack Sharman, to explain his findings in a public setting. Mr. Bentley’s lawyers are scheduled to mount a defense on Tuesday, and the full House could vote on the governor’s fate early next month.


It seems like Bentley was doing all the shady shit you’d expect out of a rich, scandal-embroiled Alabama governor like himself. Bentley, according to a report by the lawyer in charge of the impeachment investigation, tried to use one of his security guards to break up with Mason and allowed Mason to travel in state vehicles after she was off the government payroll. Bentley also apparently tried to intimidate people who found out about his affair. In another instance, Bentley reportedly opened a hotel room door in just his underwear, expecting to find Mason, only to realize his staff were the ones knocking.

Anyways, this guy is in deep shit. But, in the meantime, we can revel in these godawful texts he allegedly sent Mason, turned over to the lawyer compiling the report by none other than Bentley’s ex-wife. has the goods.


Read all of the nausea inducing texts here. If you know anything more about Bentley’s fuck-ups, shoot me an email.


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