Really Bad News: Apple's Refurbished Store Is Totally Empty

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Refurbished Apple products are some of the best deals in tech. They get a thorough checkup, all new components for anything that's damaged, and the same year of Apple Care as new products. And as of right now, there are none to be had. Zero. Zilch. Zip. How come?

It could just be a coincidence, but to not have any products in all three stores feels off, especially when it's happening around the world. We've got a few guesses about what's going on:

  • It's just a glitch, nothing to see here
  • There's an issue at the refurb centers that's holding up throughput
  • Apple is updating stock, or pricing structure, for everything
  • Apple is moving away from refurbished products (which wouldn't really make any sense)

We've reached out to Apple for comment, but haven't heard back yet. We'll let you know when we do, or when the stock of cheap Apple gadgets returns.

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As a certified Apple tech - I can tell you that without a doubt the 'refurbished' products that Apple sells are definitely NOT "some of the best deals in tech" - far from it.

These products are usually items that have been returned multiple time for unsuccessful repairs and have eventually been replaced completely because of the failure to repair them correctly.

Apple DOES NOT use new parts, they scavenge parts from other failed devices. They are priced only 10% less than new - and they are usually the rejects that people don't want.

If you want an Apple product spend the extra 10% and buy new - trust me.