Rebooted Launching In the Next Few Days

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Last month the corpse of Circuit City spoke from beyond the grave to say it may rise again. Thanks to buyout from Systemax Inc, that will come true within the next few days.


In a video embedded on the temporary splash page, the Systemax CEO claims that the new Circuit City will feature lower prices, a wider selection, 24/7 customer service and faster shipping (starting at $1.99). We shall know if they are talking out of their ass or not soon—the launch of the site is imminent. [Circuit City / Thanks Aaron!]



I wonder why Systemax thinks it needs a better name and brand than Systemax. What's wrong with SYSTEMAX? It's not like Circuit City has a better ring to it than SYSTEMAX? Wasn't SYSTEMAX the most popular name for girls in 2005? I don't get it. SYSTEMAX. SYSTEMAX. When I was a kid I had a fish named SYSTEMAX. These guys are nuts.