Auto Detailing Company Recalls a Batch of Its Hand Sanitizers That May Contain Methanol

FDA testing found that a lot of the company's hand sanitizers was contaminated with methanol.

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Young woman disinfecting her hands using hand sanitizer gel.
The company recalled 19 other lots out of caution.

A Colorado-based auto detailing company has recalled its hand sanitizer from the market due to it possibly containing methanol, a toxic type of alcohol that could lead to death if ingested.

Adam’s Polishes voluntarily recalled a lot of hand sanitizers after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found it to contain methanol, the administration announced this week. The company also recalled 19 other lots out of caution that they may have also been contaminated with methanol. If methanol is ingested, it could lead to seizures, permanent blindness, damage to the central nervous system, result in a coma or death, according to the FDA.

The FDA urged consumers in possession of Adam’s Polishes’ hand sanitizers to check the product’s lot number and see if it matches the list published on the company’s website. The company is also notifying customers by email. The contaminated hand sanitizer lot was distributed nationwide through online purchases between June 2020 and March 2022.


After becoming a highly coveted product with the onset of the covid-19 outbreak, hand sanitizers were initially hard to come by. But soon after, plenty of companies started dabbling in the production of the sanitizing gels. However, over the past two years the FDA has compiled a list of hand sanitizers that consumers should not be using due to possible contamination. FDA testing has found hand sanitizers containing propanol, benzene, microbial contamination, among other harmful materials. So far, the FDA has logged 369 incidents of contaminated hand sanitizers.