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Record Playing VW Van

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I really like this little vinyl-playing VW van. I'm sure it will scratch all your records to hell, but I think the fact that someone, somewhere, suddenly sat up in bed and said "Why didn't I think of it before! A van that plays records by driving around them in a circle! This will make me millions!" The millions probably never materialized, but here it is: a $122 toy car that plays records.

Product Page [HTFR]

UPDATE - OK, fine, these things are from 1904. I liked them, OK. The colors were pretty!


UPDATE II POST JUMP - A reader, who shall remain nameless but works at Sun, has his irony sensor set to Low.

How can these things be from 1904? Ford just hit its 100th anniversary in the last year or two. Vehicles didn't look anything anywhere near like that back then. Think more like the Model T.

Also unlikely is the availability of toys powered by 9-volt batteries (in their
current form factor, no less) back in 1904.


These cars were popular in the 1980s, beloved by the Beastie Boys, and are now geegaws sold in Chinatown. Does that clear things up?