Recreate the Sounds of Star Wars With a Slinky and a Cup

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I would've assumed George Lucas' foley had more advanced equipment than this, but judging by how convincing these junkpile-produced sound effects are, maybe not by much. BWAA!! BWAAAA!! etc.


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Before diving into the toy cabinet, remember: this will make a lot of noise, attract people to the scene, and leave you in the awkward situation of explaining to your wife/mother/terrified child that "no, it's ok, I'm just recreating the blaster sounds from A New Hope from scratch, because I do that kind of thing. [CollegeHumor]

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In an interview, Ben Burtt said one of his favorite sounds was created by a malfunctioning air conditioner in a cheap hotel he was staying at. It's frequently used for the engines of large star ships.

He's also the crazy nut that found the Wilhelm scream and tries to use it in every film he works on.