When originally introduced way back in 1989, the Reebok pump was a genuine innovation in footwear, providing a perfect custom fit with an inflatable bladder wrapping around the wearer's foot. But as a flagship product for Reebok, the Pumps often featured outlandish designs as they came and went through the years. Until yesterday, when Reebok revived the brand once again with its new, and stylishly subdued, ZPump runner.

Like the Reebok Pumps originally designed to be worn on the basketball court, the new ZPumps feature an inflatable bladder hidden inside the shoe's mesh upper that now wraps around the top of the foot and the heel to provide an extra-snug fit. The shoe's also feature a low-cut design so they look more like a trainer.

The most noticeable difference between the original Reebok Pumps and the company's new ZPumps is that the actual pump has now been relocated from the tongue to the side of the shoe. This makes it easier to reach, but also cheaper to produce. Officially available starting on March 10, you can pre-order the ZPump shoes right now for just $110 which is considerably cheaper than the original version sold for over 25 years ago.

[Reebok via Pocket-lint]