Register To Vote On Your Xbox 360?!

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Microsoft's just inexplicably joined up with Rock the Vote to allow Xbox Live gamers to register to vote, talk about the candidates and participate in preliminary presidential votes. It's unclear whether you can do all this from your Xbox 360 (our guess is no), but you should ask yourself this question: do you actually want the people you play with on Xbox Live to be one step closer to voting? So we can get four years of President Dick Hertz (VP candidate: Schweaty Balls)? [Image Credit - Niklas Hellerstedt] REDMOND, Wash. - Aug. 21, 2008 - A leading gaming and entertainment platform just became a leading platform for change. Microsoft Corp. and Rock the Vote today announced a groundbreaking partnership that will allow Xbox 360 owners to register to vote, participate in presidential polls and voice their opinions to the presidential candidates. It will all happen through Xbox LIVE starting Monday, Aug. 25, the first day of the Democratic National Convention. "Xbox is a natural partner to help us reach out to youth voters," said Heather Smith, executive director, Rock the Vote. "To realize our goal of registering 2 million young Americans by this fall, we need to go where young Americans are, and there's no doubt in our minds that many are on Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE." This is the first time that Rock the Vote has joined forces with an entertainment partner such as Xbox to reach voters under 30. Xbox LIVE is the largest online social network connected to the television, with membership totaling 12 million - if Xbox LIVE were a state, it would rank as the country's seventh largest, giving it approximately 20 electoral votes. "The Xbox LIVE community is active, vocal and passionate," said Marc Whitten, general manager of Xbox LIVE. "We're thrilled to partner with Rock the Vote to make it easier than ever for youth voters - and our members - to register and be heard." Through the Rock the Vote partnership, Xbox LIVE members will be able to register to vote, voice their opinions to the candidates through an exclusive forum and participate in potentially election-predicting polls. They will also be able to download Rock the Vote public service announcements. Xbox also will have a presence at both the Democratic and Republican conventions, promoting the Rock the Vote partnership and educating delegates about creating a safer entertainment environment on Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE using the built-in parental controls known as Family Settings. These industry-leading settings allow parents to limit their children's access to video games and movies and manage their activity and communications on Xbox LIVE. For more information on Family Settings and other safety-enhancing gaming tools and resources, delegates can stop by the Xbox on-site kiosk or visit



@tsatsut: Goodbye. Nice not knowing you.

@Canthros: Voter registration laws are different in every state. In mine, by having a drivers license you are auto UP for jury duty, but you still have to register to vote. I am proud to say that I registered on my 18th birthday and have voted in every single election since then. Too many people have fought and/or died for my right to vote for me to shirk that responsibility. I dont care who you vote for, but let your voice be heard or forever give up that right. **==