Remember Scarif's Better Days With This Action-Packed Rogue One Poster

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At one time Scarif was a beautiful place that served as a well-protected base for the Galactic Empire. Well, the rebels on a ship code-named “Rogue One” screwed that up, coupled with a little thing called “the Death Star.” But now, this new poster lets you remember Scarif in its better days

Bottleneck Gallery has teamed with Lucasfilm and Kilian Eng to create this awesome poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The regular edition, a 15-color, 36 x 24 inch screenprint, will be sold as a timed edition starting November 14 at noon EST through Thursday, November 16th @ 11:59PM ET. The gallery will print as many as are ordered. It’s $50.


At the same time, a variant will be released in an edition of 200. It’s $60.


Blow those things up (no pun intended) to get all the little details—the ships, the soldiers, and more. It’s a great representation of one of the most colorful Star Wars action scenes of all time.

Visit this link for more info or to buy the posters.

[Bottleneck Gallery]