Remember the Journal News' map of gun permit holders in New York? Turns out it was highly inaccurate. Oops.


Oh yeah, oops. Now imagine if YOUR name and address were inaccurately listed? Would it be "oops' then or would we see some sort of rage posting over how this is violating people's right to privacy?

Posting that data is going to get someone killed and I only hope that they hold the editor of the newspaper responsible. The fact that someone may or may not own a gun is no one's business. Should we also post the names and addresses of people who have been treated for mental illness too? I mean, the editor's justification was the recent events in Sandy Hook. Maybe we should just put up a blog and have people report their neighbors who are "acting funny" because you know one of them could go off the rails and kill a bunch of people.

Sorry the news paper was absolutely wrong to publish that info and now we see that it wasn't even accurate. What I want to know is when ethics and honesty in reporting died? No one wants to verify the information in their stories any more.