Isn‘t it convenient to switch on the heater at home one hour before you come back? Or to remotely switch on the light or the TV at home for a few hours a day, while you are on holiday to scare off robbers, owls, and crazed, naked squatters? Or maybe to remotely switch off your home entertainment center once you're done recording Lion King—that's such a great movie, BTW! SIMBA!!!

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The infrared remote control unit "Remokon (remote control) Saucer" from Sugiyama Electron does it for you. You can control up to eight home electronics with your mobile phone. It is controlled through the TV phone function of Foma phones from Japanese NTT DoCoMo. From this diagram, it appears you actually have to have two phones, but what do we know? It will appear in DoCoMo shops on February 10 and cost about $102.

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