Replace the iPhone's Contacts App, Get in Shape and Make Money Off Music

Hey now. It's a Friday and though maybe you want to go out and get drunk or go out and watch the NBA All Star Weekend or go out and be dumb, let's be real. A tiny part of you wants to just stay in and play with all these new apps you're going to download.

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Buzz Contacts: Buzz Contacts puts the traditional iOS contacts system on its head, making it infinitely more useful and faster. Its focus is getting you to contacting your contacts as fast and elegantly as possible, through whichever medium you decide to use: phone, SMS, email or FaceTime. The app lets you choose how to interact with your contacts, the traditional list view and the much mo' better "grid view", which gives you big honking tiles to quickly select who and how you want to contact. $1

Fitness Buddy:1700 different workout exercises. 1000 workout videos. 4000 exercise photos. And sweat searing instructions for all of them. Fitness Buddy is an absolutely amazing tool to track your workouts, learn new workouts, build a workout routine and see your body's progress. For the smartphone inclined but weightlifting deficient, the preset workouts of Fitness Buddy can be adjusted to what equipment you have at your disposal.$1

Artist Growth: Artist Growth is an app service that handles the business side of being a music artist. So, you know, you can handle the music side of being a music artist. The idea is solid: you can manage and organize your band's finances, gigs, contacts, inventory and more all in one app. Free

Fairway Solitaire: Kotaku says:


It's a card game mixed with a golf game. It's mostly the former and requires you to try to clear out a batch of cards by flipping them and stringing them up or down in little straights. Each playthrough of a deck of cards should be considered a hole in one of Fairway Solitaire's golf course. Your goal is to play through that deck with as few cards remaining as possible. You're playing each "hole" for par, or hopefully getting under it, meaning you're leaving even fewer cards on the table... maybe none. If you're even or under par for the whole course, you unlock a new one.



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