Report: Apple Is Working on Medical Devices, Mulling Cars

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A report from the San Francisco Chronicle suggests that Apple is working to develop new product lines—including medical devices and cars

The newspaper is light on detail, but does describe how , according to their sources, Cook & Co. are working with with audio engineer Tomlinson Holman—who invented THX and 10.2 surround sound—to develop a medical device. The Chronicle claims that it is capable of predicting heart attacks by listening to the sound of blood flow.

Incidentally, that chime with other reports this morning that suggest Apple has been in talks with Basis Science —which currently manufactures the Basis Health Tracker Watch—about the possibilities of a potential buy-out. Taken together, they suggest that Apple is perhaps at least a little bit interested in breaking into the medical sector.


Elsewhere, the San Francisco Chronicle's sources also claim that Apple has been in discussions with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. That's pretty much where that rumor runs out, though—there are no details as to what the meeting may have alluded to. Indeed, it could be something as small as including iOS in the dash, or something way bigger.

All of this, of course, needs to be taken with a healthy pinch of salt. Of course Apple thinks big when it comes to new products, and more than likely it does have some people working on medical devices and car-related technology—but that doesn't mean any of it will ever necessarily see the light of day. Still, it'll be fun to find out. [San Francisco Chronicle]

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What I'd much rather is for car manufacturers and tech companies to get around systems like MirrorLink. VW have, and I know the facelifted Polo is launching with MirrorLink capability built-in this summer, and I've a feeling Toyota have too. If the car system is designed cleverly enough, the voice control button on the car could utilise the power of the phone to work out whether it's a car command or a phone command, and do the correct thing. So, if I say ''Navigate to Mike Jones's house", it will look through my contacts for Mike Jones, see his address, and navigate. If the car has built-in nav, it'll use that, and if it doesn't, it'll bring up the phone's navigation app on the car's screen.

Unfortunately, this would require cooperation between companies who don't like each other. YAY. So people will continue having to download separate apps to connect their phones to their cars, and certain makes of cars will continue to play much happier with certain types of phones than anything else etc. YAY.