Report: Apple's Web TV Service is 'On Hold'

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The idea of an Apple live TV service has long lingered on the horizon, a mythical cord-cutting utopia just out of reach. But according to a Bloomberg report, work on the project is “on hold.”


Bloomberg quotes both an anonymous source, and CBS CEO Les Moonves as saying Apple’s plans have been temporarily shelved. It’s not that Apple doesn’t want to make it a reality: apparently, the delay is due to resistance from the media world. It didn’t like Apple’s proposal to sell a package of 14 channels for $30-$40 per month.


The plan might be on hold, but Moonves said it would almost definitely be happening at some point in the future. At the moment, Apple’s focus is just on the Apple TV’s app store. That makes sense: both the new hardware, and the third-party friendly App Store, are aimed at bringing new developers, services and games to your TV, rather than having Apple own the viewing process front to back.


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It really bothers me how whenever anyone talks about “cutting the cord” all they’re talking about is connecting to another cord that they’ll pay a monthly fee to access. Call it “getting rid of cable/satellite” or something more descriptive, but it’s not cutting the cord.