Report: Google Maps for iOS Is Imminent

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We'd already heard before that in the wake of the Apple Maps iOS 6 fiasco, Google was plotting its own app for iOS to launch before the end of the year. The Wall Street Journal reports that the app is in the polishing stages, and that it will soon be submitted for approval to Apple.


According to the WSJ's unnamed sources a "test version" of the new iOS Google Maps app has been distributed outside the company to a limited number of people. This could indicate that the app is headed for the approval process soon, though, the official comment from Google doesn't confirm much of anything. If the report is true, the Apple Maps dark ages might soon be over. Godspeed on your crusade Google. [WSJ]



Apple maps saved our bacon last weekend trying to find a restaurant to meet friends. Being on Apple maps was soooo much faster than Google maps on my wife's 4s, and the turn by turn directions were spot on and much faster than my TomTom.

But yeah, ehem... Apple maps sucks! (because its IN to say that.)