Report: HTC Announcing Hero, Lancaster Android Phones on June 24th

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HTC's hipsteriffic invitations for a June 24th event in London contained precious few clues (DUDE'S WEARING A ROSE), but the Economic Daily News is now reporting something totally reasonable: it's for the Hero and Lancaster, HTC's presumed next Android phones.

Curiously, the paper refers to the two phones as one device, in two versions differentiated only by a keyboard.

The HTC Hero will be available in two versions, with and without a QWERTY keyboard. The model with a keyboard will be named HTC Memphis, or HTC Lancaster for sale by AT&T exclusively in the US for six months starting the third quarter, the paper indicated.


It certainly looks like there'll be a bit more than that to set the devices apart, and for the sake of variety, I hope there is. In any case, we'll be there. [Economic Daily News via Digitimes]