HTC 'Android Hero' Handset Snapped (It's the Chinniest of Them All)

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Remember that weird, pink, angular 'Android Hero' handset that HTC semi-leaked back in January? Well, here it is, in the flesh plastic.

The Hero adheres to HTC's established Android phone conventions (read: it has a chin), barring two major details: it looks like it's got a 3.5mm headphone jack, and doesn't have a trackball. Styling is decidedly utilitarian, and its Razr-esque jowels and a StarTACian profile and finish even evoke the 90s a bit.


As for where this phone will fall in HTC's product line, it's hard to say. Assuming Android in common, there are only so many ways you can distinguish one touchscreen handset from another. One theory: it does look a hint larger than the Magic, a factor which, combined with its new 3.5mm headphone jack and lack of a QWERTY keyboard, could indicate an emphasis on multimedia. But even that's a reach.

Luckily, HTC is a fairly leaky ship, so we shouldn't have to wait too long to find out more. Check out the rest of the photos at [CodeAndroid]