Report: Intel Is Throwing Crazy Money at Its Streaming TV Dream

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Intel confirmed its all-in for this whole streaming TV thing early this year, and since then we've heard that plenty of the big content providers are slowly but surely getting on board. And how did that happen? According to Reuters it's because Intel is willing to pay out the ass to make this work.


Reuters cites anonymous sources who say Intel is offering as much as 175 percent of the going rate to rights-owners whose content it's looking to plop on the service. That extra cash has apparently gotten CBS, News Corp and Viacom on board, and Comcast's NBC Universal is still in the works.

According to Reuters' sources, media companies will often give better deals to distributers with more viewers. Intel has none, so it should come as no surprise that the chipmaker needs a little cash to grease things up a bit. And speaking of skads of cash, Intel is positioning this service as a premium one—not some cut-rate alternative—so it's only reasonable to expect they'll ask a hefty fee of customers once it's off the ground.

The service is set to be announced sometime later this year, and the more cash that's thrown at it, the earlier that's likely to be. We'll just have to wait and see if the gilded service was worth all that expense. [Reuters]

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It couldn't possibly cost more than the $70 going rate for cable in most parts (excluding shitty $30 basic packages that suck). Even if they're paying double the going rate, and they're 3 times the price of Netflix/Amazon, that's still only $30.

Also, props to Intel for cutting straight through the media bullshit.