Report: Lightroom for iPad Coming, With $100 Annual Cloud Subscription

9to5Mac is reporting that Adobe will soon unveil an iPad version of its Lightroom photo editing suite, with a $100 annual cloud subscription.

The rumour is fuelled by the appearance of references to 'Lightroom for Mobile' on Adobe's website earlier this week. They were later pulled when 9to5Mac asked Adobe to comment on them.The leaks included a tagline stating that the new app would allow you to "Take Lightroom anywhere", though no screenshots were provided.


While the website didn't specifically state the app was designed for iPad, 9to5mac spoke to an Adobe employee who "was able to pull up details about Lightroom for Mobile from Adobe's systems and said that it is built for iPad."

9to5Mac also believes that the iPad version of Lightroom will be able to sync "via Adobe's Creative Cloud system with Lightroom on other devices (like a Mac or PC)." Though, sadly, it also reports that particular service will cost $100 a year. All these leaks hint that we might expect to see Lightroom on the Pad in the coming weeks—but, as with any rumour, we'll have to wait and see if it turns out be true. [9to5Mac]

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