Report: Microsoft Office Is Finally Coming to iOS and Android in Early 2013

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The Verge is reporting that Microsoft Office is finally coming out for Android and iOS early next year. Like, for real this time. Apparently, it's coming to iOS first in February or March, and will be available for Android soon thereafter in May.


The Office software will reportedly require a Microsoft account, and will launch with the ability to view documents. The ability to edit them is activated if you have an Office 365 account, which you can buy in-app. There aren't any details about specific functionality that will or won't be in the apps, but the report makes it pretty clear that you'll still, obviously, need the full desktop versions.

There are also no specifics on pricing (or if the read-only version will be free), and security. Security will have to be a strong selling point for Office, along with compatibility, with the Google Drive apps offering similar functionality for free, so we'll see what that turns up.


This isn't the first time we've heard "iOS Office is coming!" rumors, but this definitely seems more legitimate than previous go-rounds. And it's still a big deal. A lot of people use Office! And a lot of people also use iOS and Android. And soon, early next year probably, those Venn diagramed into these apps will be able to more effectively ignore and estrange themselves from their loved ones as their work-life balance is further deteriorated by mobile Word and PowerPoint aplenty. [Verge]

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But will the iOS version have Track Changes? If not it will be useless to most business people. If I could put a doc up in the cloud, share it with coworkers and see their changes that would make this really useful. If it is just going to be a stripped down version of Office, it won't be worth the subscription fee. I already have that with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. And I don't have to re-buy them every year.