Report: Roku Is Getting HBO Go and Showtime for Comcast Subscribers

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Comcast subscribers will soon be able to access HBO Go and Showtime on their Roku according to a new FCC filing. We just don't know when.


In a document uncovered by Re/code, it's revealed that Comcast saw fit to "authenticate" the two apps on its networks in a deal made on November 25th. That will allows users of the giant cable company to use them on Roku, though there's no explicit start date by which the service is due to be up and running.

Clearly, it's achieved where others have failed. While Amazon yesterday announced that HBO Go was heading to the Fire TV, it also had to admit that customers using Comcast wouldn't be able to take advantage.

While we're painfully aware that the old guard of cable companies are reluctant to have these cheeky digital streamers throwing content down their pipes, the news that Roku has got the green light for HBO Go on Comcast's network may be a positive sign. Maybe. [FCC, Re/code via Verge]


When they say Comcast Subscribers, are they talking subscribers who simply have a Comcast Internet connection, or do you have to already be paying for the cable TV package to be worthy of this privilege?

Reluctantly, I have recently moved into a comcast-only area, and I can now fully understand why they are the worst business in the entire United States. On a 50/25 package, my Netflix still drops out regularly. When I got hooked up, the sales lady, I swear sounded like she was breastfeeding out of her own home. The technician could not grasp the concept that I was using my own cable modem, and 3 weeks after subscribing and using my internet, a technician unhooked my line from the pole because the last person living at my house was behind on his bill.