Report: Time Warner Cable Is Paying To Keep TV Shows Offline

Bloomberg is reporting that Time Warner Cable is allegedly giving content companies incentives to keep their content offline through services like Apple TV and Google TV.

Apparently, TWC is offering to pay more for the content or even threatening to drop programming from its lineup all together if companies don't comply. Of course it makes sense that Time Warner would go after the very companies that are trying to get cable customers to cut the cord in the first place. And these content deals are key to alternative television services such as Google's, Apple's, and Intel's. Intel, for one, is rumored to be spending a bundle on content deals.


Bloomberg notes that Time Warner has more than 300 existing contracts, and some of those deals include clauses that prevent providers from putting their shows online through pay TV services. Of course, actually getting content is the real battleground for the so-called future of TV. Those deals are key. And it seems for Time Warner at least, the struggle is in actually retaining that ever-important content. [Bloomberg]

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