Reports of PS3 2.42 Firmware Difficulties Surface

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Another PS3 update, another round of complaints. It seems as if people on the official Playstation forums are having issues with discs not reading, games locking up, and fans blowing out of control under the recent 2.42 firmware update. We don't know if it's just uber-paranoid people who were burned by 2.40 or an actual problem that Sony will need to fix. What about you-any problems with the 2.42 update or are things just peachy? []


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I was watching a blu-ray movie Friday night and about an hour into it, the screen just went black and the sound stopped. Like another commenter above, the PS3 wouldn't shut off or do anything so I turned it off from the back. It re-booted and worked fine for the rest of the movie. At the time, I assumed it was related to the overheating problems I have had in the past (i.e., having the screaming jet engine of the fan overpower the audio) even though I have since repositioned the ps3 in a way that seemed to have resolved that problem. I have no idea whether this event was caused by the update, but it certainly was the first time something like that has ever happened.