Researchers Claim They've Created the Perfect 3D Human Ear Model

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Researchers at the National Physics Laboratory in the U.K. have modeled what they believe to be the perfect human ear. It will replace the "flawed" one created by the International Electrotechnical Commission in 1990. Perfect headphones for everyone!

Why create better 3D ears? Well, as a standard, the model helps gadget companies create headphones. Or cellphone earcups. Or anything that needs to fit snugly and comfortably up against your pinna.


Turns out the current model was missing some important info. Things were not as snug and flush as they ought to be. Back in 1990, you see, the computer scans were created using a series of 2D images at 2-millimeter intervals. Two millimeters doesn't sound like much, but when there's that much space between every scan, it starts to add up. Variations begin to occur between models that have been crafted using the standard. The standard becomes decidedly un-standard. Audiophiles take up pitchforks. The sky falls. Audiopocalypse happens.

But! Enter the NPL. They've taken current models that were built using the old standard and combined them using 3D modeling software into what they believe is the ultimate ear.


The final result is pictured above, and is what the NPL hopes the IEC ratifies as the official standard. Our listening experiences will apparently be better off if this happens. [New Scientist]