Researchers Decode Keyless Car Entry, Can Break Into Almost Every Car

Because virtually all keyless car entry systems run on an encryption system called KeeLoq, developed in the 1980s, researchers have found a way to break into just about every car out there (provided they have a keyless system). By snooping on the transmissions between the key and the car for about an hour, they can analyze and narrow down the 18 billion possible to enough so that they can unlock a car in minutes.

It's unlikely that anyone besides a sneaky valet or an auto shop will have hold of your keyfob for that long. Still, the fact that pretty much every automaker is using 1980s technology to protect your car is troubling. It won't be long before someone discovers how to get in there without much access to your keyfob at all. [MSNBC via Consumerist via Boing Boing Gadgets]


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