Researchers Reach 15Gbps Wireless Transfers

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The boffins at the Georgia Institute of Technology are working on a realistic solution for high-speed wireless data transfer. The technology, dubbed multi-gigabit wireless, has reached a blazing 15Gbps at 1m.

The vision is in creating Personal Area Networks (PAN), and relies upon utilizing unlicensed, 60GHz RF frequencies. The transfer speeds are only limited by distance; speed falls drastically as distance increases. (At 2m, 10Gbps and at 3m, 5Gbps).

The practical applications come to life in the form of peer-to-peer file sharing. The new standard, to be called 802.15.3C, is also cross compatible with FireWire and USB. The possibilities for such advancement, seems to be endless. Fast wire free data transfer between electronic devices would replace the necessity for close range, wired communications. (E.g. TV to DVD, Laptop to Laptop/Mobile etc, the list goes on).


Speed freaks and the rest of the World, watch this space. [Georgia Tech]

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