Retail Jerkwatch: Console Edition

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Apparently incredibly sexy tipster Elizabeth's Wii-difficulty at Best Buy aren't unique, nor are they limited to Best Buy. The combination of Black Friday and two massive console launches have brought out the worst behavior in some retail employees, and here are a few.


Our first story takes place in a Best Buy in Toronto, Canada. Reader Charles writes:

...Due to the fact that I used to be employed by Future Shop (a Best Buy owned corporation) during the summer, I knew for a fact that it is not possible to reserve one; I thought I'd ask anyway.

Then someone gets ballsy.

I approached an employee standing near the front of the store and I asked if the store was allowing for reservations for the Wii. He leaned in a little closer to me (which I found to be more than a bit awkward) and whispered, "I can reserve one for you...for a price". I was quite surprised at his response, and even though I had no intention of paying him any extra money, I asked him how much he was charging. He replied, "How much are you willing to pay? Don't lowball 'cause I have other offers." I told him to forget it and walked away.


The dickery doesn't stop there. Reader Kristopher adds to the insanity:

I went to my family's house in Palm Desert, CA, for Thanksgiving and found the local Gamestop to check out for Black Friday. I went there at around 2PM when things settled down just to actually test out a Wii. There wasn't many people in there by that time; probably around four people all in line. I patiently waited so others wouldn't think I was cutting in line to buy something. I politely asked the employee if I could use a controller for the Wii demo station, in which I was responded by an abrupt, "NO." I then paused and asked if there was a reason why not, in which I was stopped mid-sentence by another abrupt, "NO!," and this time the exclamation point is critical because I was literally yelled at in-store. Since I'm a sales manager at my current job I understand Black Friday could have been a stressful day for them, so I proceeded to tell him calmly that, "It may have been a stressful day, but any manager will teach you that in customer service, people don't liked to be yelled at in the store and most managers would fire you for something like that." He then looked straight at me and then the next person in line and said, "Next." I was pretty frustrated at that point, so I asked him to see a manager, in which he told me he was the manager and said, "Please get out of the store."

Well, I obviously left at that point to avoid any more confrontation. I definitely think my Gamestop experience was pretty ruthless.


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