Revealing Pics From Scott Pilgrim, Fringe And Doctor Who, Plus Iron Man 2 Hints

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One of Iron Man's comics writers hints at a movie storyline. And there are set pics of Doctor Who and Fringe, plus your first official Scott Pilgrim image. Plus Lost, Book Of Eli, Supernatural, Chuck, True Blood and Smallville spoilers.

Iron Man 2:

Bob Layton, who created War Machine in the comics, visited this movie's set and settled a dispute between director Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. about James Rhodes — in the movie, there's a huge argument between Tony and Rhodey, that becomes a massive disagreement. And Favreau and Downey wanted Layton's input on how Rhodey thinks, and what his motivation would be in that situation. (Which makes it sound like Rhodey initiates the disagreement.)[MTV]


Scott Pilgrim:

Here's the first official pic of Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, wielding a flaming red katana. [Slashfilm]


The Book Of Eli:

Somehow, even 30 years after the end of civilization, Eli still has an ipod, and he listens to Al Green on it. And at the moment when Gary Oldman's character is at his most evil and triumphant, he says, "Pray for me, I mean it." And one crucial action sequence where Eli fights a bunch of people is shot in sillhouette, even though it's really Denzel Washington, not a stunt guy. [Comic Book Resources]


Doctor Who:

Rumor has it the Cybermen will return at the end of season five — probably the real Cybermen, not the alternate-universe Cybus Industries versions. Also, this particular rumor-monger says the Sea Devils are coming back (not their cousins, the Silurians, as others have suggested. Or maybe it's both?) Also, there are a group of scary monks, but they're probably not related to Russell T. Davies' werewolf monks from season two. As always, grain of salt, etc. [Eye Of Polyphemus]


And here's the first Doctor Who Magazine cover featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor! [BlogtorWho]

The show was just filming in the snow in Cardiff, in a scene set in the present day in Cardiff Bay — and supposedly this is standing in for someplace in Europe, possibly Paris at the Musee D'Orsay, and it's part of the Van Gogh storyline. Judging from the set reports, it sounds like the Doctor and Amy bring Van Gogh forward in time to 2010 to see his own work in a museum.


Set video courtesy of TimeLord50. Photos by ScootyBoy and Valleyman416. [GallifreyBase plus This Is South Wales via WhoIsMattSmith]


Another take on those "Last Supper" pics. The skulls in the pictures could foreshadow some deaths in the two different alternate timelines on the show. [TV Guide]


Hurley's not the character who attempts suicide. And one of these three gets arrested: Charlie for drugs, Sawyer for being a con-man, or Sayid for murder. And it doesn't sound like Desmond's life is in immediate danger. [E! Online]

Rumor has it, that the newly "dark" Sawyer meets up with the Man In Black aka the smoke monster, in the first four episodes, and "Smokey" gives him a choice. He can go to the Temple with the Others. He can stay and wait with his friends. Or he can join forces with Smokey, to help Smokey get off the Island. Sawyer chooses to help Smokey. And of course, this is just a rumor. So is a report that Claire vows to kill Kate. [SpoilersLost]



Diane Kruger joins the cast of the show for at least one episode, and if you enlarge the pics of her in the car, you can see what looks like a major plot twist with her hand. More at the link. [I'mNotObsessed]



We already mentioned Sam and Dean are dying and going to Heaven — but it turns out they're murdered first. [EW]


True Blood:

Alan Ball says that the start of the third season is sticking unusually close to the Charlaine Harris books — and just like in the books, Eric has a huge arc in season three, and an even bigger one in season four. [Buzzy]


Also, Ball has some more info on Jesus, Lafayette's new boyfriend:

Lafayette, for all his fierceness, has built a big wall around his heart and is not particularly inclined to be emotionally vulnerable. Jesus is going to try his best to knock that wall down. But there is a bigger and more dangerous reason Jesus is drawn to Bon Temps, one that will be revealed over time.




In episode four of the new season, someone gets fired, and someone else gets promoted. There's a Fight Club homage, and someone says "Honey, I decapitated the bear." And a spy gets shot. In episode five, Chuck's first solo mission involves a scary bald man and Kristin Kreuk. Someone at the Buy More gets drugged. A diamond holds the key to Shaw (Brandon Routh)'s backstory. And there's a "Paris twist!". [EW]


And here's a new clip from episode 3x02, airing Sunday night, and it features Casey in a cunning disguise. [ChuckTV]

The first episode of the season features a kiss, and a teary breakup. In a role reversal, Chuck puts his career first, and Sarah thaws emotionally. [TV Guide]


And here's a synopsis for episode 3x05, "Chuck Vs. First Class":

CIA agent Daniel Shaw (guest star Brandon Routh) assigns Chuck to his first solo mission in Paris, ignoring Sarah and Casey's wishes. During the flight to France, Chuck befriends Hannah (guest star Kristin Kreuk) and flashes on another passenger - the imposing Hugo Panzer (guest star "Stone Cold" Steve Austin). Meanwhile, Casey helps Morgan battle Jeff and Lester for control of the Buy More.


I'm hearing the words "Solo mission" in Dietrich Bader's Batman voice. [ChuckTV]

You probably won't like Shaw — at least at first — says actor Brandon Routh. And he hints Shaw may have ulterior motives. [Zap2It]

And finally, it seems like Chuck's super-spy powers really will kick in in a big way — one upcoming scene has him sneaking into a base, exchanging gunfire with one bad guy and disarming another bad guy with a series of punches and kicks, and then knock out a third with a single blow. [New York Times]


The Survivors:

Here are some new promo pics from the second season of this post-apocalyptic thriller series. [SurvivorsBBC]



Clark takes Lois for a weekend romantic getaway at a bed-and-breakfast, but it turns out to be the same B&B — bwa ha ha — where Ollie and Chloe are also staying. Hilarity, as they say, ensues. Also, sometime soon, Clark gets infected with red kryptonite again. [EW]


Also, Green Arrow won't have any kind of a romantic relationship with Speedy — it's more of a big brother thing. [Fancast]


Even though Noah and his former squeeze Lauren have been reunited, don't expect HRG to get any loving. Says Tim Kring, "One of the problems for a show like ‘Heroes' is that romance is harder to do when you need to stop a moving train, so that gets sort of put on hold as they solve the issues at hand." [Fancast]


And here's the official description for episode 4x16, "Pass/Fail", airing Jan. 18:


Hiro's (Masi Oka) life hangs in the balance as his brain tumor worsens, prompting him to subconsciously deal with some of his past decisions. Meanwhile, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) pays Claire (Hayden Panettiere) an unexpected visit to get answers as to why he isn't quite himself. Elsewhere, Samuel's (Robert Knepper) plan to impress his long-lost love, Vanessa (guest star Kate Vernon), takes a terrifying turn.


[Heroes Television]

And it looks like Ando gets to use his superpowers again in episode 4x15, judging from these promo pics. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.