Reviewed: Belkin Tunesync (Verdict: Good All Around)

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Apple charges $40 for an iPod dock, using up a precious USB port on your computer in the process. Belkin's Tunesync iPod USB hub aims to tackle the tasks of being an iPod dock and a USB hub (go figure). The chaps at Everything USB gave it a thorough overview and came away, for the most part, satisfied.

As a dock, the TuneSync functions quite well. Plug in your iPod and it starts charging immediately, while the audio out on the back of the unit can be used to output your iPod's music to a stereo or set of speakers. As a hub, the TuneSync also performs nicely, but with one caveat: the five USB ports on the back of the unit are a little too close together, making fitting numerous big and/or wide USB devices, such as the iPod Shuffle, a far more difficult exercise than it ought to be.


The TuneSync will run you anywhere from $40-$70, so shop around a bit before spending your hard-earned money.

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