Rewards"R"Us program is no longer garbage

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I have very little love for Toys"R"Us since the opening of a Lego Brand store in Kansas City, but I do occasionally venture through its doors, especially when there are good promotions. The retailer is sweetening the pot a little bit with a revamp to their Rewards Program.


From this point forward, the rewards are going to stack up a bit quicker than before. As a member of the Rewards"R"Us program, for every dollar spent at Toys"R Us (or Babies"R"Us), you will receive 1 point . When your account reaches 125 points you get a $5 voucher for a future purchase (4% back). This is far and away better than in the past when you had to spend $500 for the same reward. The old program was really a pittance offering members just 1% back for purchases.

I don't really support opening retail store credit cards. However, if you are the type to pay your cards off in full so as to not incur any interest, you can double the reward when using your Toys"R"Us Credit Card, earning 2 points for each dollar spent (8% back). When applying for the card, they offer 15% off your first charge or 6 months special financing. For non Toy"R"Us purchases, you earn 1 point for every $4 spent (1% back).

If you are already a member of the Rewards"R"Us program, you simply have to log into your account to convert it over to the improved program. Existing points were converted over dollar for dollar.

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