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Rick and Morty Has Forsaken McDonald’s, Now Worships Wendy’s

The hit Adult Swim show is teaming up with another fast food chain to promote new French fries.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Rick and Morty's promotional Morty’smobile is covered in French fries with a screaming Wendy-Morty hybrid on top.
Morty’smobile, a vehicle combining Wendy’s with Rick and Morty, is seen here in Los Angeles.
Image: WarnerMedia

Rick and Morty has long been linked with the golden arches of McDonald’s thanks to the good (and sometimes bad) association with Mulan’s Szechuan Sauce. Now though, your favorite time traveling duo has leapt from one fast food chain to another thanks to a new promotion with Wendy’s.

This weekend is the Adult Swim Festival, a two-day online event on the Adult Swim YouTube will all kinds of panels, interviews, and weird Adult Swim stuff. To promote it, Adult Swim is debuting a new vehicle called the “Morty’smobile,” which recently drove (past tense, unfortunately) around Los Angeles giving out Wendy’s new Hot and Crispy Fries. “Cold and soggy fries suck. It’s as simple as that,” Jimmy Bennett, VP of Media and Social for Wendy’s, said in a press release “We know Rick and Morty fans deserve better, so we sent the Morty’smobile to save the day and rescue fans with Wendy’s new Hot and Crispy fries.”


This idea is kind of a spinoff to a smaller promotion that also took place in Los Angeles this year, when one Wendy’s was briefly turned into a “Morty’s” location. The vehicle is inspired by that and was made “using the finest fiberglass available on C-137 and features Wendy’s red hair, freckles, and a Hot & Crispy Fries car wrap that will make fans’ mouths water.” Of course, it also has a lot of that quirky Rick and Morty feel too.

“WarnerMedia is constantly collaborating with Wendy’s to tell the next chapter of our journey together in a way that is meaningful and fun for Adult Swim fans across the massive multiverse,” Katrina Cukaj, executive vice president of ad sales and client partnerships at WarnerMedia said. “For this year’s Adult Swim Festival, that is no exception. We’re stitching together successes from real-life and multi-platform experiences to give Rick and Morty fanatics something to savor…something that’s Hot and Crispy!”


For fans who aren’t in Los Angeles, Adult Swim is giving free fries to fans who order something from Wendy’s in the official Wendy’s app from November 11 to November 16 (only in the U.S.). It sure seems like Rick and Morty has made its fast food choice and it’s no longer a place you could get Szechuan Sauce.

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