Rick and Morty Makes a Beautiful and Strange Anime in This Fan Video

Rick and Morty.
Rick and Morty.
Image: Cartoon Network

Rick and Morty is a genre-hopping, reality-hopping sort of show. So the science-loving weirdo duo becoming an anime isn’t all that surprising. In fact, there are hints that it might actually happen on the real show. But I’m still amazed that it looks this good.


In this video by fan and animator Malec, Rick and Morty gets the anime opening theme it rightfully deserves. In sharp animation, all the major players are rendered as anime-style heroes while a lovely little opening theme plays.

What’s really fun about this video is that it’s also awfully sincere. It feels like an earnest anime opening, which makes the sillier imagery—Pickle Rick to the rescue!—pop in a goofy, nice way. It’s a great way to start your morning. Check it out.

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All cartoons are technically anime by the Japanese definition.  If R&M wants to be an anime by the Western definition, they need to start producing the show in Japan.