A few years ago, Ricoh launched its odd little 360 camera, the Theta. Since then we’ve seen countless others. But how many of them allow you to dump your images and footage on Google Maps?

The new Rioch Theta S looks basically the same as the last model but it’s got some improved specs. The camera now shoots 14 megapixel images, and can record video 1920 x 1080 video for up to 29 minutes. The new camera has a 1/2.3-inch sensor, which is apparently slightly larger than the imaging chip on the last model. This should make for better quality images.


The new camera coincides with the launch of the new Google Street View App, which allows you to upload spherical images to Google Maps. What a coincidence! This camera shoots 360-degree images!

We’ve been intrigued by 360 cameras for some time, and we’ve seen a number of concepts crop up from startups over the last few years. Ricoh is the only big name imaging company to get in the game. For $350, this is a pricey little toy, but if you’ve got the guap, the toy is fun!

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