Ridiculous Finger-Nose Smartphone Stylus Is a Must-Have

Illustration for article titled Ridiculous Finger-Nose Smartphone Stylus Is a Must-Have

Finally! For those of us who happen to take our smartphones into the bath with us—admit it—Dominic Wilcox has the answer. It's a stylus wrapped in plaster that you wear on your nose to peck at your phone.


As insane as this sounds and looks, it does what its supposed to. Nevermind the fact that you shouldn't get your phone or tablet wet with whatever is on your hands when you use it. Just take the extra time to put your Finger-Nose on, and away you go.

I can just barely see using this indoors for those guilty moments when I need an almost hands-free solution for my iPhone. I really want to see this catch on just to see professionals walking around looking like characters out of a Tim Burton movie. There is literally no downside. [Variations on Normal via NOTCOT]