RIM Rep Promises Android Apps for PlayBook

An unreleased video (above) from the Mobile World Congress earlier this month apparently contains footage of a RIM representative claiming that the PlayBook will "support Android apps when we release the Dalvik engine on top of QNX."


And with that, the rumor that's been slowing coming to a boil since late last year gets a little hotter. Money quote is at about 0:14 in. [Crackberry]



Android is open-source, as is the Dalvik VM, so while Android Market, Google Maps, and Gmail won't likely appear on the Playbook, there's nothing Google can do about this, nor is there anything for them to get upset about. Hell, I wouldn't be too surprised if Google *did* get on board with this, and create a special version of Android Market, as a way to expand their ecosystem.

Besides, I'm sure other app stores will pop up, but in the end, this will mostly be for people (aka: nerds) to manually install free Android apps, of which there are many.

Hell, BlackBerry phones had an app ecosystem without a store interface for a long time, so maybe the suit and tie crowd won't mind manually installing .apk files either.