RIM Sues LG Over the Words "Black," "Berry" and "Pearl"

Illustration for article titled RIM Sues LG Over the Words "Black," "Berry" and "Pearl"

Incensed over a pair of LG handsets that truthfully, probably were named to ape BlackBerry—the Black Cherry and Strawberry—RIM's taking LG to court. Fair enough. But RIM's arguing that any wireless device with the words "black," "berry," or "pearl" in its name isn't kosher, and requires RIM's consent. Apparently, Verizon asked for the okay to use Black Cherry and Blueberry for a set of LG's Chocolate phones, but RIM gave a wag of the finger, obviously leading Verizon and LG to just go for it. RIM's solution: total destruction of all LG wares with any of the forbidden words in its name. Bonfire! [The Globe and Mail via BGR, Flickr]



Unless RIM are actually the ones that genetically engineered and farmed berries as we know it, they can't possibly be right about restricting other handhelds from being named after other species of fruit. How about Dingleberry? How about Doucheberry, RIM? Would that suffice?