RIM's Buy Two Get One Free! PlayBook Deal Is World's Most Depressing Sale

Illustration for article titled RIMs emBuy Two Get One Free!/em PlayBook Deal Is Worlds Most Depressing Sale

Hey guys! I've got a great idea. Nobody wants to buy our tablets. But I have a solution—instead of fixing what sucks about the PlayBook, let's throw in an extra one! OK, now who's got a cold Molson?

RIM's latest tap dance towards the tech ash heap taps a tried and true sales method: the buy X get one free deal! Usually found on deodorant shelves at Target, not at a major electronics company, RIM says the business-targeted promotion will make things "more affordable for your business." Yes, your business, now equipped with tablets that can't check email, calendars, contacts, or BBM each other, will be the next IBM Coca-Cola. Go forth, captains of industry. [RIM via GigaOM]

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Imagine watching Tour De France on TV when one of the cyclists falls in an accident. Then watch as the spectators hop the barricades to kick and piss on the fallen cyclist, screaming and shouting at him as he tries to get up and get back into the race.

It almost seems as if that's how Giz, the general media and most of the people on this site are acting right now with RIM.


How does it benefit the world to have a company hold a monopoly on technology and media distribution? How does it help the average user when prices are held at elevated levels artificially or to have our media censored by a company that believes we need to be parented?

How does it help us when we kick and abuse the fallen?

Be sheep, but don't pretend to be the fox. Let them finish the race. There's still a long way to go.