Robbins Barstow, the Father of the Home Movie Revival, Passed Away Today

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His name may not be familiar, but you've probably seen clips of his classic 50s and 60s era home movies. Barstow famously transferred and uploaded his family's memories to the internet, and now they're part of the US National Film Registry.

One of his most famous films is "Disneyland Dream", a clip of which is shown above. It chronicles his family's trip to Disneyland in July 1956—a trip they won to the brand new theme park in a nationwide contest. It's filmed on site in Anaheim, California at Disney's "Magic Kingdom."


Robbins Barstow passed away at home on Sunday, two weeks after his 91st birthday. To view more of his vintage home movies in their entirety, visit the Home Movies section of the Internet Archives. [Home & Amateur via Boing Boing]