Robert Scoble Says There Will Be A Dizzying Amount Of New Products At WWDC

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There's only one week left until Apple's WWDC and the rumors are already flooding in about what's going to be released. Robert Scoble, former Microsoft blogger, throws out this very interesting nugget on his blog:

Speaking of Apple, they are readying a dizzying amount of new products. I wish I could camp out at an Apple store during the World Wide Developer Conference on August 7th. I wish I could say more, but that'd get me sued by Steve Jobs and I don't need that kind of heck right now.


Could that mean that we're going to see not only the Mac Pro, but a new iPod iteration, a new iPhone, and product refresh of the MacBook lines? As interesting as a new iPod and a new MacBook would be, I don't think it would garner the amount of excitement that would cause Scoble to want to camp out at an Apple store. What do you think, is an iPhone really coming soon?

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"Dizzying", huh? Let me peer into my crystal ball...

1. Prosumer desktop in a "dizzying" array of varieties

2. New iPod Nano in a "dizzying" spectrum of colors

3. New MacBook Pro's with the new Intel Core 2 Duo chip with a "dizzying" number of configurations

4. "Dizzying" new capabilities added to iTunes

5. New iteration of OS X with a "dizzying" amount of new capabilities/GUI fixes

6. A "dizzying" amount of joints to be handed out to all attendees to make all the dizziness seem normal.