RoboCop Jr. defends dystopian Detroit

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When his son decided that he wanted to be RoboCop for Halloween, this dad didn't just make him a crafty cyborg suit. He also took his son on a photoshoot through the dystopian streets of Detroit.

Jim, who blogs at Sweet Juniper, made this incredible RoboCop costume from a wetsuit he won off eBay, an old bike helmet, and a bunch of plastic containers. Then he took his DIY project to the streets, playing off the areas of Detroit that resemble a dystopian future — notably the People Mover monorail and, of course, General Motors.

Jim's son also attracted the attention of a handful of police officers, who happily took pictures with RoboKid and even let him sit in their police car.

A few more cops came out to talk with us, joking that they were going to have to call their union because it looked like they were being replaced. "Don't worry," I said. "He's just a prototype."


Check out lots more photos (and more on how he made the costume) at Sweet Juniper.

Part Kid, Part Machine, All Cop. [Sweet Juniper via Metafilter]

Note: At Jim's request, I removed a couple of the images. Go to his post to see the rest.