Robot Marries Couple In—Where Else?—Japan

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Talk about taking your work home with you. In this example, bride Satoko Inoue, who works for the company that created the i-Fairy robot, married her client Tomohiro Shibata yesterday—with the i-Fairy acting as registrar to the couple.


While they weren't stranded in an airport and forced to get married over Skype like this couple, Inoue chose to have an extremely high-tech wedding to show how "robots would become more integrated into people's everyday lives."


Fashioned with a floral hat for the wedding, the i-Fairy is normally helping visitors at museums and exhibitions, but certainly cut a dashing figure at the exchange of their vows. Stories of the i-Fairy getting plastered on champers and copping off with the bridesmaid are entirely unfounded. [Reuters via CrunchGear]

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Shawn Barney

What is with the anti-social behaviour in Japan?! They seem to rather use robots than humans for tasks, mostly it was manual work but now more important things like proceeding a wedding? Weird...