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Robots Are Making Adorable Paper Snowflakes To Give Us a False Sense of Security

Dear robots of the world, don’t for a second think you’re fooling us with adorable demonstrations of your crafting capabilities this holiday season. Because one second you’re making paper snowflakes, and the next you’re using those same scissors to usurp your human handlers. We’re on to you!

The folks at RE2 Robotics should know better than this. That being said, if you find yourself exhausted during the holidays after churning out hundreds of decorative paper snowflakes, it’s good to know there’s finally a robot that can take that burden off your hands.


[RE2 Robotics via YouTube via IEEE Spectrum]

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“And here, General, you see our new ‘advanced interrogation’ bot. It is programmed to peel off a 4”x4” square of the subject’s skin, and then cut it into adorable origami shapes until the subject answers our questions. It is as adorable and as terrifying as our scientists could manage”