Rock Band Drum Kit Crochet Covers Prevent Eviction

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Are you one of those people who has to bang on the Rock Band drums as hard as humanly possible, leaving yourself open to a possible eviction notice? Here's a $40 purchaseable custom-made Rock Band drum kit crochet cosy set, made just for softening your blows and keeping you on your lease. All four are color-matched to the real drums, and come at only $7 shipping. At $47, it's cheap enough for most people without crocheting grandmas to consider. [Etsy via Technabob]


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Hey people, simple fix for this nonsense...

Rubber tipped Drumsticks!

Mine are made by Xymox. Not only do they reduce the sound without having to mess with your drums, but they also give better bounce and help with your playing.

Xymox "Dead Beats" is what you want.