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If you've got a huge, insane contraption designed to monitor how hard a party is rocking, your party is not rocking. Sorry to defeat the purpose of your contraption, but come on.


The Rockterscale measures how hard a party is rocking via four different signals. One, if someone wearing the Hat of Rock and is thrashing their head around to music/a seizure, the party is deemed rocking. If people are dancing on the floor mat, that is also seen as a sign of rockage. Third, a crash barrier that senses if people are being pushed into it, a sign of a rocking party with a rocking amount of violence. And lastly, there's a webcam on the ceiling monitoring the total amount of movement of a crowd.

Alternately, the system can let you know when there's a riot going on, as it's basically the same signals. [SlipperyBrick via New Launches]

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