Roller coasters are the ultimate aphrodisiac, says science

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Are you looking to seduce a would-be paramour on a roller coaster, but are completely unwilling to reenact that generation-defining Mark Wahlberg-Reese Witherspoon scene from Fear? Fortunately for you, such softcore machinations may be completely unnecessary.

In a 2003 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers discovered that the thrills of roller coaster riding offered riders boosts of sexual attractiveness. It is unknown if the team conducted similar studies with regards to log flumes, ferris wheels, carousels, bumper cars, and towers (of terror, or otherwise):

This study examined the effects of residual nervous system arousal on perceptions of sexual attraction. Researchers approached individuals (males, n = 165; females, n = 135) at amusement parks as they were either waiting to begin or as they had just gotten off a roller-coaster ride. Participants were shown a photograph of an average attractive, opposite-gendered individual and asked to rate the individual on attractiveness and dating desirability. Participants were also asked to rate their seatmates' levels of attractiveness. Consistent with the predictions of excitation transfer theory, for males and females riding with a nonromantic partner, ratings of attractiveness and dating desirability toward the photographed individual were higher among persons exiting than entering the ride. Among persons riding with a romantic partner, there were no significant differences in attractiveness or dating desirability ratings between persons entering and exiting the ride. The findings are discussed in terms of the potential moderator effects of a salient romantic partner on excitation transfer.


Note #1: A semi-related addendum. During my high school salad days, some friends and I raided a local video store's $1 VHS sale. There we found a dusty video tape cryptically labeled Wild Rides. Hoping that we had unearthed an artifact that escaped from scrambled Cinemax into the corporeal realm, we rushed home to a VCR, only to discover Matt Dillon, serving up a completely safe-for-work performance of a lifetime.

Note #2: For those riders with kinkier tastes.


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